We really need a new banking system that’s fair to all !

– adjudicate each case of fed printing for 100 years for validity of invested funds, not from thin air or illegal funds, and prosecute accordingly with jail time and forfiture like Iceland.
– Do NOT pay of the national debt as it comes due, but follow the above…NOT Kucinich’s HR6550/2990/NEEDS                                                                                                         – – – Us National bank issues money without debt for it’s bills when there is not enough tax and fee revenue under strict scrutiny by all branches of gov., and the states with their powers of nullification                                                                                                                               – Private and public banks would compete for validity, with private enterprise being given first preference if they held to federal and state statutes for the sake of the American private enterprise system
– these banks would apply for loan money to the federal central bank for the no-debt money
– They would pay back the principal as it came due and paid so it could be used by the federal gov. for it’s bills
– that way taxes could be reduced, and the system benefits at both ends !   ……..thoughts ?


About roundelswgs

40 year private practice Dentist near Lake Champlain, NY side. Enjoy the area, jazz fusion keyboarding, electronic design, RC models with airfield in the backyard and small "company" for sound, light, infra-red war-gaming systems, etc., including the USS Saratoga II of the Battle of Plattsburgh fame with trusteeship for the association.
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